Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Youtube Series That Chris Likes

Hey all, at lunch today Josh, Dave, and I were talking about Youtube. I just wanted to share some of the better series and content that I've seen recently.

This group is from the same brian that brings you Adventure Time.  I haven't watched all of Bravest Warriors (that seems very similar to Adventure Time in terms of Style), but I have watched their 2 episodes of Bee and PuppyCat and I really like it.

Admittedly, this is a series more suited for someone who likes video games. That being said, this is the most entertaining video game review show I've seen. What I like about it is The Nerd tries to tie a story into the review, so it's not just someone making observations all the time. The quality is very DIY which I can appreciate, given that he's been around since the dawn of Youtube and has made over 100 episodes. Below is a good example of one of his better episodes.


  1. What a loaded post. Where to begin?

    Puppycat is pretty rad. I feel like the dialogue is a little more mature than Adventure Time. Nonetheless, it's still pretty wacky.

    Bravest Warriors may be setting the mark a little low. I feel like I'm watching Adventure Time but in a space setting...

    Angry Video Game Nerd quenches my thirst for poorly produced free funny. "I'd rather have a diarrhea dog take a lava dump all over the screen", Priceless. You can kind of tell this person has hit their stride nearly 50 episodes later without forgetting his roots... and it reminds me of my friends and I nearly 10 years ago...

    1. I completely agree with all of that. I'm way more in to Puppycat for the style and writing. It is still off the wall weird, but it feels different that Adventure Time. I haven't really finished Bravest Warriors for the exact reason you stated.

      I honestly though you guys would think AVGN was weird, but I'm glad you enjoyed hit rants and sense of humor. I got really into him lately and watched a ton of his episodes, he even has one where he goes in depth about making one which is pretty interesting. It was cool to find out he's been doing it since pre Youtube. He was gonna stop after his 3rd episode but then after they posted the first ones on Youtube years ago, they blew up and his friend insisted he do more. I guess I just like it because it's more than an average Game Review show, but it's not trying to be anything it's not.

      Here is the episode where he shows the behind the scenes:

      Also here is an episode where he beats the shit out of Bugs Bunny: