Monday, August 1, 2016

Cool Concept Video

We always talk about little concept videos. We all agree they look fun and they have a good mix of message and technical function. However we also know how much pre production and testing it can take to make something like this, and in the end does it always serve the purpose in the best way or was it just a cool concept. Anyways enjoy. If anything I think the pen technology is cool on a small scale.


Koelsch passed this one along in an email. HarmonQuest is D&D (actually it's Pathfinder) played in front of a live studio audience, with guest role players, and animated scenes. We've seen similar content from Nerdist like D&D with Vin Diesel and Force Grey with Chris Hardwick but the animated scenes and not-taking-yourself-too-seriously humor obligated me to blitz through the first season in one day.