Wednesday, September 25, 2013

PSA - BGSU Class Project

My classmate and I filmed this PSA this past weekend for my Video II class. I want to thank Dave and Micah for their critique, and Dave for his golden voice.


  1. Constructive Criticism:

    0:03 - What was your shutter speed here? It seems "crispier" than the rest of you footage.

    0:22 - I missed the twig snapping in the background the first time I watched it. Was that out of necessity or was it always in the cards?

    0:30 - Your friend is probably the most unremorseful people ever. Haha!

    0:31 - Transition was a little rough here. I would have either given the black a bit more time or simple cross fade to show the passage of time.

    0:38 - Stop me if I'm being too picky, the door might be closed for a second longer than it should be.

    0:53 - I like the angle here. Like the GM shoot, the high angle plays well with the "smallness" of the kid but is nicely juxtaposed with the obscene dialogue.

    0:54 - Related to the shot before it, I wonder if you could have at least played with the mom's line of sight to make it appear she was looking down at the kid?

    0:56 - Straight out of the 90's extreme. I like it.

  2. 0:03 - I honestly don't know. I set the camera's WB, ISO, and F-stop to my liking. The shutter speed is something I struggle with on cinema cameras. So you're probably right about it being different, because I probably adjusted it to cope with the amount of light. aka I just turned knobs until my exposure was good.

    0:22 - The twig snapping was intentional. I wrote it in the script.

    0:30 - Definitely intentional. But he was a horrible actor...even for a non-actor.

    0:31 - I struggled with this middle section a lot. After Micah and Dave critiqued it I added the reverse dramatic cue and the hard cut. I kept the fade in when she's walking to the door because FCX kept giving us 1 frame of black between the 2 clips for some reasons. Oh well.

    0:38 - I was too focused on the story making sense I guess to really go in and make the cut perfect.

    0:53 - I like using the angle a lot to tell the story. I took it from Michael Bay. "Those spacesuits are SHIT!"

    0:54 - Unlike the low angle shot of the kid, the tripod could only go so low. I guess she could have made herself taller. Or maybe I should have took the camera off the tripod.

    0:56 - That's what I was going for. Extreme in yo face foo!