Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Apple Happy Holidays

I beat Jackie to the punch. Apple does it again. They took something we see all the time...the kids that are on their phones the whole time. Enjoy.

Monday, December 23, 2013


This is a great informational animation.  I haven't looked at the rest of their portfolio, but I think the simplicity here really interesting, and a great example of how a simple mechanism works really well with a great story.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Kite Perspectives

Click to explore images that were taken by a camera suspended by a kite. Just reminds me that if you looking at things differently something interesting is bound to emerge.

Pre and Post FX - Gatsby

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Portfolio - BGSU Class Project

These photos are from my final project for my Photography II class. The assignment was to make a portfolio of 10 new images. They had to be somewhat similar. I chose shooting all portraits to connect them together. Your feedback is invaluable.

Monday, December 16, 2013

THE BOXTROLLS Trailer # 2 (2014)

To continue the hand-made, stop-motion inspiration from The Maker, here is the trailer to Boxtrolls, including some amazing behind-the-scenes action.  Hold onto your socks...

12 Days of Elves

Enjoy a collection of shorts and check back daily for new, slightly obscene elf shenanigans.  Merry X-mas.

Saturday School

I took pictures for my final project assignment for my Photography II class on Saturday, December 14. While previewing my photos in Lightroom I noticed that my fast-paced shooting made my models walk and move again. This brought me back to my first love, video -- the moving image.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Training Video - BGSU Class Project

This is my final class project for Video II. We had to make a training video at least 3 minutes in length... and a bunch of other dumb cookie cutter requirements.

Equipment I used:

  • 7D
  • 24 - 105 mm
  • Zacuto rig
  • Zacuto Z-finder
  • Our new broken tripod
  • H4n for VO
Things I liked/worked:
  • The tone of the video. Cold. Turkish.
  • Forcing the audience to understand the video through action.
  • Subtitles came out nicely.
  • No unnatural lighting. I had minimal equipment on this shoot.
  • The quick turnaround caused my edits and graphics to be quick, simple, and to the point. I particularly liked this style. Some cuts jump, but it gets the message across.
Things I didn't like/didn't work:
  • It was f*ucking freezing when I shot this. 14 degrees. I shot Monday for 2 hours, then Tuesday morning for 3 hours. Half the time was spent warming up in the car in between scenes.
  • As always, I wish I had more time.
  • This story was my second option, because I couldn't find appropriate talent for my first story.
  • The color correction might be a little weird. I used the cinestyle profile, which made everything nice and flat, but I might have messed it up in post.
  • I edited the piece straight through for 10 hours. I wish I could've walked away for a day and come back to see it in a different way.
  • The audio design definitely needs more work.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Radiolab Live - Apocalyptical FULL SHOW

Radiolab is one of my favorite radio programs. And every once in a while they take the show on the road and do a live broadcast. Typically when I think of a live radio broadcast, I think of a panel of people behind microphones. But Radiolab's live shows are known to be pretty unique; there are giant puppets, live music and great visuals.

It's 2 hours long... sorry Chad.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Ultimate Story Checklist

From what I understand The Ultimate Story Checklist has been a work in progress for a while; it's currently on version 4. I heard about it on The Narrative Breakdown. It's longer than I thought it'd be but I can see why people are finding it useful. It also doesn't help that his blog looks like the computer game Zork.

Reuters Photos of the Year 2013

Every year Reuters releases Photos of the year. These images are terrifying, beautiful, and real. All tell a story in a very succinct fashion.

Monday, December 2, 2013

The Maker

Photography Critique - Portrait Photography

My next photography assignment is due Tuesday December, 3rd. The only criteria is portrait photography. I took photos of two models, but I can only chose one photo. Please help me determine which one to chose, or if you know any Photoshop tricks to somehow enhance a photo. Thanks!