Thursday, February 27, 2014

Life After Pi

This goes out to all the talented VFX artist out there, even the ones who totally fuck up the Statue of Liberty.

A while back J.J. and I were talking about this story and mentioned somebody should make a documentary. So they did. It raises an interesting dialogue about the studio model, the future of filmmaking, and the role of visual artists in the field.


  1. More depressing the the world's saddest Chic Fil A

  2. I had no idea of the current state of VFX. One of the stand out clips was the VFX Oscar winner's speech that was cut short. This could be taken one of two ways. The award for Best Visual Effects isn't as prominent as Best Director, or Best Cinematographer.

    I enjoyed the documentary. I didn't know what the outcome of Rhythm and Harley was going to be until the very end. I had to refrain from Googling their name.