Sunday, February 23, 2014

BGSU Class Project

I'm required to make a Holiday Card for my Video III class that is supposed to be "sent" to students from the university. It's due late Monday, February 24.

The only requirements is I have to use a camera layer, particles somehow, music, and voice over. I don't have voice over yet. Any suggestions? Any feedback from the video as it is? Thanks!


  1. There are a lot of good examples of American Independent films in here (and the American Independent movement of the 80s/90s -- good stuff). Is there a way you ordered the films or are they random? Also, for VO, does it have to be recorded by you or could you use dialogue from the films?

    Sucess to Success
    Theater to Theatre (that's how the department spells it)
    Indy to Indie

  2. That's what I'm talking about! The films were just laid in in no particular order, except for Apocalypse Now. I used that for a transition.

  3. Did it need to be this long? I think you should focus on a smaller grouping of photos that screams "independence day" and really fine tune your photoshopping and motion for them. Not all the photos were that great for the effect.

    Also I felt like the particle effect was a little tossed in there in the end. I feel like if you are working with bringing still images to life then I think there is an opportunity to do something creative with particles inside that world. Like smoke rising or lights flickering.

    I also though the end titles looked like neon, so maybe you could do a particle effect where the neon pops and sparks fly and the scene goes dark and it transitions to the next group of text.

    Other than that I dig the idea man

  4. The Jimi Hendrix song is over 4 minutes. I cut out most of his famous guitar rants to reduce the length to 2:22. There's more opportunities to reduce the length further, however. I agree that some photos are better than others and the Photoshopping is rough at times. I like your idea of bringing particles into the world that's created. I was thinking of doing the sparks off the neon sign idea, but I didn't know how that'd add value to the theme. Maybe I'll change the titles altogether. Thanks for the feedback!