Sunday, July 14, 2013

Watch This and Help Me Out

I took video of the Toledo Zoo's Zoo-To-Do event last month. I deliver to the client this Monday or Tuesday. I just wanted your guys' expert criticisms. There isn't any criteria from the client that needs to be fulfilled since he doesn't know I was secretly taking video with the 7D. Thanks!


  1. I think for something no one was expecting it's a great little fun piece. I dunno if you plan on color correcting but the outside stuff looks flat and ripe for the color correction. Up that contrast and maybe even give it a "look" if you so choose.

    P.S. That guy's gorilla vest is fucking awesome

  2. Agreed 100% on the gorilla vest and every else Chris mentioned.

    Now, I like fast cuts, BUT I was missing stuff when you cut on the beat during the faster guitar strums. This may be purely opinion and esthetic but I far prefer actions on the beat over cuts. The brain does not have time to process and establish the image during the faster cuts. The one shot where a lady stabs a snack was awesome - awesome because it was stabbed on the beat, because you allowed more heads on the clip and the stab happened on the action it made for a very satisfying moment. I find that allowing those little moments to be on beat is often more powerful than the cut itself.

    Slow down the titles.

    Overall really cool! They should be pumped - I bet they will flip.

    Nice job, those extra things go a long way. You are smart to give them something a little extra to remember you by.