Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Geekout

Sometimes I like to spend my copious bachelor time looking up stuff that satisfies my analytical brain. Now, this might be right up there with the hardcore science learning thing posted earlier, but in a few minutes I was able to understand a whole system through a simple relatable situation guided by an even keeled patient walk through. When I felt lost the speaker knew it. By the end it all made sense. Say what you wil about the esthetic, but I'm curious if through this style of explanation if you were able to understand this. Also, do you feel that this line of explanation has a place for us? Possibly adding validity to an RSA example. Really just curious - please comment. And of course I cant embed this.... follow the links if you please :) Part 1 Part II

1 comment:

  1. Yawn. Maybe it's because the video was only driven by how curious one's brain is, but I pulled a Chad. The Wall-E was fun. I don't think literal translations worked for me. I like metaphors. Mind you, it was a lot of information to deliver. So with that said, I felt the information was explained well, and clearly. It is definitely better than just sitting through a boring lecture with no visual aid whatsoever. I didn't think it made a mundane subject matter fresh and alive, and I like learning about those types of things.