Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Breaking Bad - An In Depth Look at the First Three Seasons SPOILER ALERT

I don't know how many of you are Breaking Bad fans, but with the final season approaching in just 18 days, I've been biding my time rewatching old episodes and reflecting.  I really love Breaking Bad for how much care and attention they put into each and every shot. It truly is a joy to watch, almost harkening back to the way Film Noir constantly played with light and shadow to hint at a broader picture.  The video below is an in depth look into some of Breaking Bad's visual cues from the first 3 seasons.  Most of which I regrettably don't notice at the time, but still interesting none the less.  If you have not seen the show and do not want any spoilers, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!


  1. Damn. I didn't make many of those connections either when watching the first three seasons. It is so cool to get the behind the scenes and see how much thought and planning goes into the shots of the show to add to the overall story. Very cool.

  2. I agree. I feel like I should start watching it over again. I was just too busy being entertained to notice all the nuances. I also love how different this examination is from the actual show (cue the law & order music and the dry v.o.).