Thursday, January 31, 2013

BGSU 48 Hour Film Festival - Faster Than the Speed of Love

This is my sister's boyfriend and his friend's submission to the BGSU 48 Hour Film Festival. My thoughts, in retrospective, are that it turned out pretty good. It had the best cinematography and sound by a wide margin. However, there are some places I felt like it could have used a little work.

They ended up taking a close 2nd from the judges and 1st in audience favorite. Not too shabby.

I feel like I could give a lot of commentary but I'll wait to hear what you guys think. Critique the shit out of it; they'll appreciate it for sure.


  1. I'm sorry man, but the clouds in the sky were AWESOME.
    I liked the story, especially its different elements; getting the girl back, road tripping, evil drug lord. To me Paul didn't learn his lesson, there wasn't anything that challenged him. I like how Paul's brush with death had Jenn second guess breaking up with him. It had some laughs too! Good work.

  2. I would love to deconstruct this scene by scene with everyone. On that note, it's interesting how much the competition becomes about choosing your battles. For example, we decided to improve sound over color because that's where the other teams were the weakest.