Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saudi Aramco

Well it's happening. These icon driven infographic animations are becoming more and more commonplace in the work environment. Clients are asking for them at a higher frequency and more animators are creating them. This trend has lead to Sebas & Clim creating over 100 animated icons to illustrate more than 50 interviews they were given. That leads me to believe that in a short matter of time websites like iStock will be chock full of these things. Now I want to be clear that I not only think these icons are well designed and animated, but are a great source of inspiration. However, it scares me a little to think that something I do so often in my professional work could be replaced by stock art. This means in the future I have to do a better job of taking these fact heavy scripts I get from clients and transforming them into a story that flows seamlessly from beginning to end, while taking the viewer on the same journey. A journey that is less about stating the facts and more about the viewer coming to their own conclusions.


  1. Well stated Chris. Keep pushing the story-telling element of these motion graphic pieces. We want to create stories that do exactly what you said above, come to their own conclusions, not shove stats into their brains.

  2. Mean Mug & Slim could would never be the same if it were all stock...