Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Adobe Dynamic Link Trouble!

I've been running into issues using the Adobe Dynamic Link feature. I used the native video file to chroma key the footage in After Effects and that's all I did in that program. I linked the comp to Premiere Pro and inserted in into the Timeline. I get these digitized/pixelated errors running across the person. It is only for 1 frame and these are the only 2 in this 30 second clip. I've encountered this problem before but the error happened in a section that needed to be cropped anyway. There is no error in the After Effects project comp. Any suggestions?? I'm just going to export a 422 .mov from After Effects then edit in Premiere Pro :/

The top of her head is slightly cropped in this frame.

The top of her head is slightly cropped and the middle of her body is sliced in half by an error.

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