Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oil Wars

A very powerful and well designed piece from Alexander Perry and Michael Wilson about the inevitability of depleting oil resources. I really respect an animation that can keep the majority of its content at the center of the screen. I've tried to design like this before and it can be extremely difficult, so props to Perry and Wilson. Find out much more here.


  1. Yeah man. Sometimes I get so hung up on how one element is going to transition to another. But at the end of the day it can be super simple and still look good as long as it's executed well.

  2. I love how they repurpose the circle in the center of the piece over and over again. The iconography used here is great because it's surprising and it makes you think more deeply about the content. Too often icons are obvious and decorative...not so in this piece. The "rewind" effect was surprising as well.

    1. For example, the Hydro-fracking icon is excellent because it simply shows what Hydro-fracking is. This gives the piece a really quick extra layer of "learning".