Monday, August 20, 2012

D&AD 2012 Black Pencil Judging


  1. Thats one tough room. All really good works and much of that stuff we have shared pre and post Stew creation. @13:07 I took away a good way to show hand gestures in a sleek and stylistic way. It was something I tried to fit in for Hilton Owner's Access, but this is a much better usage.

    I am not sure that I agree with dismissing music video work for being immature and geared towards a younger audience, seeing as how they flashed through Chris Cunningham's All is Full of Love video as an example of a Black Pencil winner. Maybe that crowd has aged with the award.

    And like any good advertising kind of left you on a bit of a cliff hang with the call to action to check back Sept 18th. I know I will.

  2. Agreed, tough room. A lot of those guys are typically what I picture when I think about advertising. The music video comment was a little harsh; I think music video can be some of the most creative work out there, arguably.

    I thought it was interesting that something like that talking-bear-skin-rug commercial received so much praise. Talking animals have been in advertising for years. Maybe it was executed well but hardly breakthrough.

    Conversely, I thought the Kaiser Chiefs promo was an interesting idea. But it was dismissed because it wasn't "popular". Good idea, poor distribution perhaps?

    Also agreed, the split screen technique in the beginning and at 13:07 is pretty cool. Lastly, I learned a cool slang phrase; dog's dinner = a mess.