Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Commercial - BGSU Class Project

This is a video I made for my Video II class. We had to make a 30-60 second commercial advertising a product. Thank you to Josh and Big Dave for their early critiques. Please leave your feedback below!!

Equipment I used:
  • c100
  • 105mm lens
  • 50 mm lens for the CU of the product
  • Tripod in all shots
  • New HD monitor
  • Boom for VO narration and on-screen audio
Things I liked/worked:
  • Freedom of content (within reason)
  • I shot a total of 3 hours over 2 days. Preproduction took about 12-15 hours. Being able to walk on set, set up your equipment, and know exactly what you're shooting is so much better than being unsure with a bunch of people standing around. It's my most efficient shoot yet.
  • I used existing light and no reflector. This made filming easy and quick.
  • Our actor was cooperative.
  • We shot to be 1 minute, but it extended to about 1:15. I cut the fat, and just bad performances. In the future I will overshoot, or add more scenes, in order to have something extra just in case my guess is wrong in the other direction.
Things I didn't like/didn't work:
  • Since I wasn't working with real talent, I had to stop telling the actor to repeat the scene, because it just was never going to happen. Luckily I had more footage than I needed, so really bad scenes could be cut.
  • Even though I planned a lot, there were still some production aspects put to chance. Such as the girlfriend. When it was time to film that scene, we pulled the first decent looking girl we saw on location.
  • WB was off on some shots.
  • My role was DP and my class partner was Director. I had to pull Directing duty when my partner wasn't sure of a scene's message, or had to hold the boom. I wish we had more people helping behind the camera so we could concentrate on our own roles.

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