Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Okay, okay... I can all see you rolling your eyes now... but you all knew this was coming! It was only a matter of time. :) If you haven't checked out the latest Apple TV spots or the video that opened up the Keynote Monday... you have to check them out!

 First one is... *drumroll*... Apple Intention. This opened up the keynote on Monday. I love the simplicity of it and how the animations represent the words so perfectly.

Second one is... *drumroll #2*... Our Signature. Very simply they get at the core of what they do and yet it conveys so much meaning.  It kind of reminded me of Owners Access.  I wonder if maybe we're getting too caught up in a cool or different way to tell the story and maybe there's a way to tell a compelling story very simply.

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  1. Really thoughtful stuff and glad you were inspired to post to the stew again!

    The first thing I noticed about signature is the tone, in how seemingly quiet it is. I say seemingly because the mix is quite full and well captured. The narrator is barely speaking out loud, the music is delicate and warm - creates such an intimate feeling. Dynamics play such a large part in the over impact that when things are quiet, you kind of lean in to hear it - becoming more engrossed in what is being presented. In my opinion signature is near perfect. But admittedly, I cringed a bit at the "and it means everything line" purely on how its delivered - I felt like the narrator keeled over and dies after he delivered it! Draaama

    Intention is deceptively simple. Literally drawing connection overtop the simple poem. I would agree with you Jackie that a more simplified and elegant approach for OA is the way to go. Although a great deal of thought was put into this. Maybe by simplifying the imagery into the bare essentials.