Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Act II: Solidifying my Passion

This is the intro video to a DVD I made my senior year in high school. I was going to go to college for civil engineering, but this project my teacher bestowed on me cemented my true passion. The entire DVD was 1 hour long and included highlights from each game, player profiles, and 2 or 3 different vignettes.

Here's a little story about the development:
I wasn't even in the video class my senior year because I had to take another class. My teacher suggested I make a short video for the video yearbook about the football team, since it was the first time they'd made it to state playoffs in school history. Once I made a player profiles video I knew it was part of a bigger production. This was a Friday and the DVD were to be published on Monday. I told him about my vision of an entire DVD with a soundtrack and so he let me take home one of the computers that had Premiere Pro CS3, keyboard and mouse included. From when I got home until Monday morning before school, I sat in front of the computer and created what was the most organic video production I've ever done with 3 hours total sleep in 3 days. I just kept developing video after video, I couldn't stop. Anyway it was a huge hit at school, we had over $1000 in DVD sales and the rest is history. I worked so hard on something and it payed off.
When I was 20 I wanted to develop a more elaborate and well-planned documentary of the 2010 football team. I filmed every game and shot almost everything I needed, but I closed up shop on the editing floor before anything got made. In 2011 made a trailer, but that was all.

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