Tuesday, April 30, 2013


The NoNo (No shit taken, No fucks given) moped crew is hosting a rally and needed a video. We fueled up, rode off, bought fireworks, broke down, repaired stuff, broke down, repaired stuff and then rode around and had fun times in a train yard. Overall a great day. Live fast ride slow


  1. Dude. Cool. Cool music. Way to make something slow (mopeds) and make it interesting. Cool mix of slow-mo and the jarring back and forth title sequence. I watched it 3 times already.

  2. It reminded me a little of Harmony Korrine's Spring Breakers opening sequence.. like food for your eyes and ears...minus all the boobies n whatnot, of course.

  3. You got some killer shots in there. I think personal work is still my favorite posts on The Stew.