Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Buck - Blue Cross Blue Shield

It's not often that I get to compare my work with artists I look up to, but today I got lucky. Buck has done some work with Blue Cross of North Carolina to create a series of animations similar to the ones we did for the Michigan location. In classic Buck fashion their style is sick and the animation is top notch. Where my hands were tied to a cleaner style they went with a more graphical, muted tone look that I really dig. Some of our content overlapped so it was also enlightening to see what sort of transitions and icons they used to convey these sometimes broad medical terms. I've only found these 2 examples, so I'm not sure how many they actually created, but another point for comparison is that I solely created 5 animations averaging about 2 minutes in length each while they had a team of animators create these two.


  1. Worth comparing to our work for sure. Not necessarily from just an animation stan point but a script writing and sound design perspective as well...

  2. No doubt the animation is kick ass. Oh that sound is gooooood. The voice is so crispy, but at the same time, the voice is so compressed you can hear artifacts at the heads and tales of each spoken section. However, it is tucked right into the music perfectly.

  3. hey what are the chances of that!