Monday, September 29, 2014

The Missing Scarf

Wow. Just, wow.

The Missing Scarf from Eoin Duffy on Vimeo.

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  1. Finally got around to watching this. I started by only watching the first 30 seconds and turning it off to watch later... poor decision. The simplistic and small nature of this and the sheer magnitude it ended up producing made my jaw drop.

    First and foremost, the script is solid as a rock. The Narration by Takai was so enthralling, the unassuming gentle read that lead to the height of the aggressive read was teetering on terrifying as the animation went absolutely bananas.

    Dynamics made this piece a success. Made more effective by the gentle lulling that was present at its onset and the extremes they were unexpectedly pushed.

    All the elements that went into it worked so well together that my guard was let down, my analysis of process was forgotten, and I was left to enjoy the piece as a whole - thats rare.

    I enjoyed it to say the very least - an inspiring find.