Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Training Video - BGSU Class Project

This is my final class project for Video II. We had to make a training video at least 3 minutes in length... and a bunch of other dumb cookie cutter requirements.

Equipment I used:

  • 7D
  • 24 - 105 mm
  • Zacuto rig
  • Zacuto Z-finder
  • Our new broken tripod
  • H4n for VO
Things I liked/worked:
  • The tone of the video. Cold. Turkish.
  • Forcing the audience to understand the video through action.
  • Subtitles came out nicely.
  • No unnatural lighting. I had minimal equipment on this shoot.
  • The quick turnaround caused my edits and graphics to be quick, simple, and to the point. I particularly liked this style. Some cuts jump, but it gets the message across.
Things I didn't like/didn't work:
  • It was f*ucking freezing when I shot this. 14 degrees. I shot Monday for 2 hours, then Tuesday morning for 3 hours. Half the time was spent warming up in the car in between scenes.
  • As always, I wish I had more time.
  • This story was my second option, because I couldn't find appropriate talent for my first story.
  • The color correction might be a little weird. I used the cinestyle profile, which made everything nice and flat, but I might have messed it up in post.
  • I edited the piece straight through for 10 hours. I wish I could've walked away for a day and come back to see it in a different way.
  • The audio design definitely needs more work.

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