Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My NYC Trip

My girlfriend and I waited in line on a New York City sidewalk for 36 hours for standby tickets for the season finale of SNL. After receiving the Live show tickets at 7 AM on Saturday we had the entire day to explore The Big Apple. There was no guarantee we would get to see the show because they only let in a limited number of standby ticket holders. We got to NBC studios in Rockefeller Plaza to see if we would be let into that elevator to take us up to studio 8H. After a round of heart attacks stemming from non-ticket holders being let in front of us by NBC staff, we were finally escorted to the elevator and led into the studio. What a great show!

Here is my video postcard:
Here is the Saturday Night Live episode I went to see:


  1. Nice dude. You gotta watch out for those News Poopers in the city

  2. 0:42 "start spreading the news" on the butt crack; priceless.

    1:15 Ha! that guy didn't seem all that jazzed about what you were doing.

    1:40 Jeez