Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Receipt

I think this is an interesting example of the short storytelling that we all love that comes out of the restrictions like the 50 hour. But it also shows how companies can throw a lot of money at creative little (almost gimmick) projects. I say that but the filmmakers involved are odiously not small time and I am sure we would all love to have the chance to do something like this. Can't wait for the final shorts to come out so we can see what happens to that robot.

This is an addition to my original post.

Here are the 3 films they made. They are all very short, which is understandable, and they do feel a bit commercially. I am torn between two feelings about them. On one hand they took something very vague and made short simple stories about them. On the other hand they are very highly produced and look really good which makes them feel like commercials and a little less inspiring. One thing is for certain. They leave me wanting more and I have always felt that was a good thing in short stories. I think "Lost and Found" is my favorite. "Banana Town" is defiantly the weirdest. Guess who made that one.

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