Thursday, January 15, 2015

Celebrate Cinema

Dave Padgett was just telling me about the Alamo Draft House, a theatre with a strict no talking, no texting policy that allows movie goers to enjoy a truly unique theatre going experience. Sounds blissful.

I'll fully admit that I have become jaded at the concept of going onto a theatre. While my intentions are good heading to the theatre, the realities of public showings are exactly what the Alamo protects against. They are usually attended by loud talkers, presented by workers who think focus is not of importance, and lets be completely honest... gross food.

I thought this captured the majesty and awe of a good theatre experience that transforms you to another place and allows you to lose yourself in a good story.

Barcelona-based production company Tàndem Entertainment wanted to pay tribute to the “meta-cinema”

120 years watching movies together from Tàndem Entertainment on Vimeo.

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