Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Root? Epipheo? Whaa?

This company is called Epipheo. They're like Root and share some of the same values (that I picked up on thus far). Except New York, NY instead of Sylvania, OH and external services instead of internal. On the video, I like the sound honks, the bird, etc. I liked the beginning...not exposing the main subject all the way and the use of rule of thirds. About the only part I didn't like is the music climaxes but the VO doesn't follow suit, it dies off. Check out their website too, it's different. Epipheo's Website.

1 comment:

  1. Now that I've had an opportunity to check out some of their other videos, to me it's another one of those places that makes you say to yourself "how does a place like that exist and and how do they keep the lights on?" I wonder how big their staff is?

    And I also noticed that that dude and I have the same glasses...