Friday, September 7, 2012

Spike Lee's dolly shots

I think Spike Lee is one of the most brilliant filmmakers of our generation. Thinking about the shot we're preparing to do at the end of the Pulte film made me remember Spike's awesome, endless dolly shots. They create a crazy sensation of dizziness that I love. It makes you focus right on the subject. My favorite of all time is the one from Clockers.


  1. Yes! Spike Lee is the best. I remember the summer I had watched all of his films. "Clockers" is great but I still think "Do The Right Thing" is my favorite.

    -Checked painstakingly for spelling and grammar...

    1. OH! And..."I had watched" is grammatically incorrect. The "had" is extra. You can just just say "The summer I watched".

    2. Gah! You got me again Donovan. Must be all those graduate papers you've been writing?

    3. I have you now! You really only need just the one "just" in your sentence.