Monday, July 30, 2012

Sony FS700

So these guys at Neumann Films tested out the FS700 and it's capabilities for slo-mo. I found out from a quick search on Philip Bloom's blog that this thing shoots 1080p and 240fps and at lower resolutions 480fps and 960fps. I am still hoping we can all rent something like this and make a video exactly like this one day. We gotta "test" new equipment too right? We should spoil ourselves and do something like this to celebrate the good year.

Oh and by the way, these guys made a behind the scenes blog post along with allowing download of their RAW footage. The blog post has a lot of great videos, talks about the camera setting, and just shows some of the fun they had. Little teaser - they got the helicopter for free, if you read you'll see why.

1 comment:

  1. Sony is seeming like a good option, but I must crush my loathing for the brand. That stuff looks awesome, epic music certainly doesn't hurt either