Monday, June 4, 2012


This made me think of what Deloitte would have been with rock climbing as the metaphor. This short is pretty amazing, the footage is out of control, and the story is mesmerizing.
Here are a few behind the scenes looks into the making of this. I love the quote "filmmaking is about collaboration". I think we should push to continue to tell stories similar to this to illustrate an idea in a really powerful way.


  1. I love that the editor spoke of musical editing and finding the rhythm in everything. I could not agree more of its importance and the opportunity for the audience to experience something on multiple levels even though its subtle.

    This is a really extraordinary find.

  2. What an ideal post. The finished product is amazing, not to mention the three extra clips rival any DVD extras.

    Hearing the dude talk about the concept was really inspiring; the guy had gumption. The rest of the team was pretty rad (to Dave's point.)

    The cameras weren't half bad either.