Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zappos Online Videos

I came across this article the other day about Zappos's online videos.  Basically they're creating a video for each of their products and it's making a bit impact on their sales.  They've found that customers are 64% more likely to purchase the product after watching the video and 52% percent less likely return the product after purchasing.  They have a team of 12 people on their video team and they produce 2,300 videos every week!  They've already produced over 200,000 videos.  A neat example of the impact and effect video can have on viewers.


  1. Holy crap, 2,300 a week?!?! Daaaaang.

  2. Great example, Jackie! Thanks for surfacing this. Zappos differentiation is their culture, and these videos are a good example of extending what differentiates them into a new medium. I think this is a great case study for clients like Hampton, and anyone who wants to demonstrate their culture. Here's a short article and video about it.