Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends

Came across this little piece and it reminded me of you guys for more than one reason. The main reason I thought it was relevant was the storytelling involved. Jay Cheel shot this as a way of experimenting with re-enactments for his larger upcoming project. Seeing as how we just finished Deloitte this really caught my eye. There are a lot of similarities and I just think it's a testament to how much more we can do with storytelling to enhance interviews.

The Specifics:

I shot this with the Panasonic AF100, using the following lenses: Nikon 50mm, Nikon 35mm, Panasonic Lumix 14mm. I didn’t do a whole lot for lighting aside from assisting some of the practical lights in Matt’s apartment (a 650 bounced off the ceiling), and stringing some coloured Christmas lights in the background for some visual points of interest. For the interviews, I used a single bulb cool light hung directly overhead the subjects along with a 250W tungsten key light (diffused X2) and another cool light as a back light.

The Politics of Competitive Board Gaming Amongst Friends from Jay Cheel on Vimeo.


  1. That was great! I also loved the lighting during the interviews.

  2. The description of the lighting was helpful too. It's not very often we use a back light; it makes that brick wall X10 more interesting.

    I also think this illustrates perfectly how we wanted to approach the Shuffle Board Showdown by way of re-enactments.