Friday, April 20, 2012

NAB Show 2012 - Ogilvy Examples

Here are three video examples shown by Ogilvy Entertainment's Doug Scott. Though I believe everyone who was in Vegas at the time attended the session, for those who didn't, it basically outlines some pretty awesome initiatives that companies are doing that revolve around documentary films and "selling ideas" rather than "selling products". After the presentation, I think we all agreed that these are examples we could bring to the table as it relates to our vale proposition and the kind of work we'd like to be doing.

I tried really hard to dig up the video that Doug had actually shown at the conference but couldn't find it anywhere; it set up the purpose of the series much better than I could. Essentially, Ogilvy, DuPont and, i believe, the BBC created a collection of mini documentaries that showcase DuPont and their commitment scientific collaboration, corporate responsibility and humanity in general. The one lin that I took away from the video I couldn't find was "It's about selling an idea or feeling, not a product". For those in the audience, back me up if I'm missing some here... you can find the rest of the videos here.

Again, another example of outreach that advertises a concept that goes beyond product placement. This one especially demonstrates a social media aspect as well.

Lastly, Red Bull going from energy drink to full-on production company...

And one more...

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