Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Watchmaker

Nothing ground-breaking here. Just a cool story about a watchmaker. It is sort of the quintessential "DSLR-shot-mini-documentary", but I like that it's about a guy who's making something by hand.


  1. Very nice. I think it's interesting that the DSLR movement has birthed a sort of style of documentary. It's making me hyper-conscience of the upcoming shoot with Sven and what he does with Pineapple Press. I'm desperately trying to think ways to make it different...

  2. I definitely think we should and can make Sven's different. Most of these documentaries are pretty formulaic. Interview with some pretty broll shots, kind of slow tempo. I think where we will differentiate is by injecting humor into the cut. Sven's personality is sure to give us a lot to work with as well.

  3. Agreed... I'm thinking sound design is another area where we can differentiate our video too.